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Guaranteed rent

At KP Group , our guaranteed rent scheme assures them of a fixed monthly rental income while we get on with the business of managing all the day-to-day tasks, such as inspections, lettings, viewings, maintenance, and legal issues.

We are proud to offer guaranteed rent for up to five years. 


At KP Group we can help with :


  • financing of home improvements

  • furnishing packages

  • property portfolio business management


We provide a complete solution for all landlords and buy-to-let investors whether they own one property or 100.

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About Guaranteed Rent

Property Management Made Easy

Prompt Rental Payments On Time Every Month

KP Group will pay your rent on the same day every month via an automated BACS payment system directly into your nominated bank account. No late payments or worrying if the Tenant will pay on time.

1 to 5 Year Lease

During that time we will guarantee you rent every month regardless of whether your property has tenants or not. We take care of day to day maintenance and tenant relationships. In fact, all you need do is take care of the money that comes in each month.

0% Commission

Our leasing service is absolutely free. The rent agreed is the rent you are paid.

Regular Monthly Inspections

At KP Groups Estate Agents will carry out monthly inspections at your property, and forward a copy of the report to you, to ensure that your property remains at a high standard.

Guaranteed Rent for 365 days of the year

Whether your property is occupied or vacant - you get paid, no rent breaks, no rent stops, ensuring great rental yields.

No Utility Bills or Council Tax

You are not responsible for paying any utility bills or council tax.

Legal Expenses and Eviction Costs

At KP Group we will take care of legal expenses, eviction costs including arrears. We offer peace of mind for the landlord - they don't have to go through lengthy eviction processes.

Free Rental Valuation

If you are thinking of letting your property get a great rental return, your first step should be to get a free consultation.

Property Appraisal

As one of our most popular offerings, appointments for our Property Appraisal service tends to fill up fast. Don’t feel you have to do it alone. We’ll provide all the resources and guidance you need to succeed.

Let Your Property

Our Lettings and property management teams can assist you, whether you are a new landlord, accidental landlord or experienced landlord with a large portfolio.

Our track record, experience and local knowledge put us in the perfect position to achieve the best possible price for your property in the most suitable timeframe.

Client Money Protection

Membership requires sufficient professional indemnity insurance cover, audited client accounts and annual audits. As a result, our clients are covered by a bonding scheme that provides financial protection for client monies held by KP Group.

What is Rent guarantee?

A rent guarantee involves rent paid routinely and on time throughout the term of an agreement, disregarding whether there is a tenant in occupation or whether the tenant falls into arrears. This is by far, a low-risk strategy to ensure returns on your investment are maximised for a fixed duration of time.

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Who is the Rent Guarantee Scheme for?

  • If you have ever wondered if there is such a thing as rent without risk then this simple scheme is for you

  • If you have ever wondered if there is a way to get a return on your property portfolio without all that stress then this scheme will deliver

  • If you'd rather enjoy the fruits of your rental income rather than the demands of the rental process then this property management scheme with a very big difference is a landlord's dream come true.

By choosing KP Groups to let your property you will enjoy all the benefits of our Guaranteed Rent Scheme

  • No loss of rental income. Just guaranteed fixed monthly rent for up to 5 years.

  • No costly void periods - your rent is paid even when your property is unoccupied.

  • A smooth, straightforward and reliable full letting and management service.

  • No hidden costs.

  • No more hours lost dealing with viewings and lettings.

  • Properties let within 72 Hours.

  • A full maintenance and repairs service.

  • Regular property inspections.

  • No risk of tenant rent arrears.

  • No risk of legal eviction costs.

  • Protection against tenant damage.

  • Prompt electronic monthly payment of your rent.

  • Your property returned in its original condition (*subject to fair wear and tear).

  • Guaranteed vacant possession of your property.

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